1. “How durable are your products?”

Our products are built to last in warehouse environments. The low profile, high quality vinyl are meant to hold up to high amounts of abuse from heavy foot and forklift traffic. Floor signs and 5S products are matte laminated to increase durability. They are weather resistant, so signs stay bright and effective for a long time. Dirt, dust, and grease wipe off with ease to preserve your graphics.


2. “How much adhesion does the floor vinyl have?”

All of our signs are made with a semi-permanent adhesive, allowing you to align the product the way you want it without worrying about ruining the product.  Once the product is laid down correctly, after a short curing process, you will not have to worry about your product coming up until you are ready for it to do so.  When you are ready to pull your product off of the floor, the semi-permanent adhesive allows for easy, mess free removal that won’t damage your floors.


3. “How do I apply my floor sign/laminated decal?”

Clean the surface to which the decal is to be applied of any dirt or residue with water and any household cleaner.  Next, simply take the backing off of the vinyl with our crack-and-peel backing or use our built-in pull tabs to expose the adhesive.  Ensure that the decal is evenly pressed and flat against the surface, leave it for a short curing process and you’ll have a built to last floor sign or decal!